Grow your live broadcast audience with Spalk.

Our Virtual Sportscasting Studio makes it easy for you to produce live commentary for your broadcasts directly from the Pixellot console.

Welcome to Spalk!

We are excited to have you using our software to add commentary to your Pixellot live streams. On this page you will find resources that can help you begin your broadcasting journey and make sure you can produce the highest quality live stream for your club, school or league.

Commentary Checklist

PC or Laptop

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
CPU: Quad Core i5 1.4GHz
Memory: 8GB DDR3
Software Requirements
Modern operating system: Windows 10,
Mac OS X 10.14 or later


Minimum requirement:
10 Mb downlink, 10 Mbps uplink, ping < 100ms.
Ethernet to device preferred.
Secondary connection available in a tethered mobile device with minimum 4G capability

Google Chrome

Spalk commentary studio only works with Google Chrome. You will need Google Chrome: Version 93.0 or later for a successful live commentary coverage


Microphone recommendations:
Lip-Ribbon Microphones USB streaming mics
XLR to USB converters or USB microphones acceptable


Headphones or earphones are needed. Output audio should not be played through any external speakers. Wireless headphones are also acceptable


No background noise
Close all windows
Ensure no interruptions during broadcast
Put a sign on the door
Check for echo/hollow sound

Commentator James Poovey and his home studio setup

Getting Started

In this video, we will show you all the requirements needed for you to start commentary using Spalk Studio

Logging onto Spalk

This video is about how to log into your Spalk account for doing live commentary

Preparing for your Game Day

Here is a quick video guide on how to prepare for your game day with Spalk

Troubleshooting Audio Issues

There are two easy methods to troubleshoot audio issues during your game day. Take a look at how easy it is to fix your audio

Example of a recent event we covered

Here’s what a successful broadcast should look like

If you require any additional information, tutorial videos, FAQ’s and best practices please visit our Knowledge Base

We are excited for you to begin your broadcasting journey here with Spalk!