Grow your live broadcast audience with Spalk.

Our Virtual Commentary Studio makes it easy and scalable to produce remote commentary customized to unique & local audiences.

Targeted commentary for every fan.

Sport is a universal language, but commentary isn’t. Our Virtual Studio makes it cost-effective and simple to provide a diverse commentary spanning dozens of languages, styles & bias on every live broadcast.

Broadcast grade audio published live, wherever you need it.

We produce low latency, audio commentary ready for live broadcast playout – including across OTT, streaming, radio & linear

The world’s largest professional commentator talent network.

Spalk’s In-house Talent Team has access to the world’s largest marketplace of sports commentators – spanning 28 languages from English to Urdu, Hebrew to Hindi.

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Drive commercial value through audience growth & sponsorship.

We have a track record of increasing audience size on live broadcasts, as well as opening up advertising opportunities for new demographics.

Recent News

Sports Media Professional Charlie Greenwood & SportsPro pick their top 20 emerging startups for  2020.

The winners of the inaugural Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards were announced. Spalk wins ‘Best Technical Innovation in a Sports Broadcast’.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 has teamed up with ‘Virtual Sportscasting Studio’ Spalk to provide rugby fans multilingual commentary.

Take control of your production costs and grow your live audience.

From Talent ID and recruitment to live event delivery, we’ve got you covered with tools and expert guidance to help you successfully grow your live sports audience.

Supported by some of the biggest names in sport & technology investment