Broadcast grade remote commentary with advanced producer capabilities

More than 20,000 broadcasts in 32 languages were produced in 2022 with Spalk’s Virtual Commentary Studio.

Key Features

Browser Based Software

Commentators and Producers only require a web browser and internet connection to get started on Spalk. We encourage broadcast grade microphones for commentators to get the best audio quality possible.

Producer Mode

Producers, Directors & Analysts can operate Spalk’s inbuilt Talk-back tool to communicate via two way audio comms and via text chat. Spalk can integrate
with Producer Lines directly from an
OB truck.

Multi-track Remote Audio

You send a single stream to Spalk and
we can send back a transport stream containing as many as 32 channels of alternate audio ready for use
by your broadcast partners
around the world.

Get started in 30 mins

Spalk plugs directly into your
production workflow and can
operate a variety of transport
stream types, including, SRT,
RTMP, MediaConnect
& Zixi.

Most broadcast customers can stand up their first event using Spalk in less than 15 minutes

Live feed from OB truck

Spalk Studio with mixed commentary

Output to destinations

Bonded Connectivity for Commentators

Spalk’s system collects audio and sychronization data from commentators simultaneously from their ethernet or home wifi connection and a 4/5G cellular link. This provides full redundancy for commentator uplink to give you peace of mind when on-air.

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Transitioning your live broadcasts to Spalk typically takes 30 – 60 minutes to correctly map signal workflows. Get in touch with our team to learn more.