Virtual Commentary Studio

Spalk’s Virtual Commentary Studio delivers synchronized commentary over IP into existing linear, OTT & radio workflows.

We make it easy for broadcast quality sports commentary to be done from anywhere in the world without the use of studios and hardware.

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Spalk Studio

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Spalk Features

Synchronized Commentary

Spalk Automatically injects sync'd commentary audio into the transport stream.

Broadcast with ease

Commentator only needs laptop, microphone and internet connection to broadcast.

Producer studio

Talkback Mode + Advanced Equalizer and Mix controls for a remote production.

Cloud Based Dashboard

Control events from anywhere with our Cloud Dashboard.

Easy Integration

Compliant with SRT, RTMP, MediaLive and other leading live video formats.

Schedule at Scale

Scheduling API, CSV and manual upload.

Trusted by the best in Live Sport

In 2021, we delivered more than 17,000 commentaries across 7,000 live events for partners such as:

Broadcast Services

Spalk’s experienced production staff can help run your productions and ensure broadcast excellence from setup to the final whistle.

Spalk’s MCR can help with

  • Workflow design, setup and verification across Linear, OTT, Streaming & Radio 
  • Scheduling of broadcasts, commentators and outputs on the Spalk Dashboard
  • Training commentators new to remote workflows
  • Commentator home studio setup, quality assurance and testing
  • Game day commentator audio quality control and monitoring
  • Live input & output monitoring; ensuring every broadcast is delivered to every destination.
  • Live troubleshooting; helping to track and resolve any unexpected issues quickly
  • Live troubleshooting, helping to track and resolve any unexpected issues quickly