Our Story

Spalk was started under the premise that every sports fan should be able to listen to their favorite commentator when streaming live sports. Frustrated with listening to commentators who didn't understand the home-team bias, our co-founders set out to find a better way to personalize the live sports experience. With that goal we developed and patented an Enterprise Software Solution to help broadcasters, sports leagues and teams deliver multiple commentary options for their live sports streams to enable a customized viewing experience and grow their audience all with the benefit of reducing broadcast production costs.

Meet Our Team

Ben Reynolds

CEO & Co-Founder

Alexandra Strick

Partnerships Executive - Americas

David Lange

Partnerships Executive - Europe

Miro Radev

Operations Manager

Cameron Ekblad

Senior Software Engineer

Marc Shillington

Senior Software Engineer

Jun Hao Xu

Software Engineer

Oliver Cooper

Software Engineer

Hugh Parsons

software engineer - intern

Meet Our Advisors

Greg Norman

Founder Greg Norman Company

Tim Hayden

Co-Founder & Managing Director at Stadia Ventures

Mike Rehu

Spalk Chairman, Ex-FOX AND ESPN Star SportS

Michael Filon

CFO AT Greg Norman Company


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