About Remote Production

Remote Production, REMI (Remote Integration Model), or at-home broadcasts are workflows that content is captured LIVE at a sporting event, whilst the production is being undertaken at an offsite location.

Historically, remote production was more difficult and mainly done through the use of expensive hardware such as satellite uplinks from an outside broadcast truck through to a production studio. But more recently, with changing technologies and logistics, there’s more efficient workflows that can be done over IP.

Not only are these productions cost effective for sports broadcasters, but they can be easier to set up along with often being delivered at a lower latency than over satellite.

Remote Production Capabilities

Automated Camera

Graphics and Live Stats

Cloud Production and


Highlight Clips

Automated Camera Production

Cameras mounted in venues can use various technologies such as computer vision and live stitching to follow action and produce live broadcasts.

Graphics and Live Stats Overlays

To enhance the feed, live stats and automated graphics can be produced from the broadcast data feed and be overlayed directly onto live content

Cloud Production and Management

To direct and produce the feed, remote producers can use cloud production tools to manage en entire broadcast including the ability to direct camera switching, audio management and overlays – all from a cloud based dashboard made up of various data and audio visual inputs.

Remote Commentary

Through Spalk, broadcasters are able to take advantage of commentators calling matches from home studios utilizing advances in synchronization and low latency technology.

Automated Highlight Clips

Advances in AI and virtual reality technologies have lead to a rise in automated highlights clipping products, allowing broadcasters to create near real-time clips of live sporting events for inclusion into their broadcasts and extend onto digital platforms.