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What is Spalk?

Spalk lets your fans, students & alumni remote commentate existing live streams of college games. Viewers can then pick a commentator to suit their tastes or style.

Colleges use Spalk to...


with Alumni, Students
& Fans


their audience & add value to sponsors


statistics & viewers on live streams

How do we get started?

Spalk plugs into YouTube & Livestream – checkout the demo below.

TL;DR; You can just copy + paste the live stream URL onto and the game is immediately available to commentate.
All commentators need is a laptop & an internet connection and you can have as many commentators as you like!

What does it cost?

Spalk is free to use for colleges!

We make money from projects we do with broadcasters and professionals sports leagues around the world. We just love college sport and want to help you get more viewers!


Send us an email at and we’d be happy to answer any further questions you have. We have free guides available for commentators & social media teams to help them get started.