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They built Incognito for a reason!

Written by Exposé

1 year ago

NRL Star Jarryd Hayne had an awkward moment earlier today while giving a presentation on Cyber-safety at a Gold Coast School. 

Hayne had partnered up with Cyber Security Experts, Norton Security to demonstrate, to over 200 school children in attendance, how easy it was to have your internet history 'hacked'.

Using his own phone for the demonstration, Hayne was embarrassed to find that alongside a number of sports images and sites, was a pornographic website was displayed in the search history. Fortunately for all of those in attendance, Hayne quickly closed his device, disconnecting the display.

Norton representative, Nick Savvides was quick to respond to the drama, citing "all I can say [is] it definitely was not Jarryd's device". Going on to outline that when "connecting to open networks, people can see what you're doing and in this case, inject unwanted materials."

While we're not sold on this explanation from Mr Savvides - there's one piece of advice Expose can pass along to Jarryd:

They built Incognito Mode for a reason! 

[ED: Expose has reached out to Pornhub for comment]

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