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The Doc was Right

Written by Two Minutes Sport

1 year ago

As I write this, I'm watching Back to the Future 2. It seems apt given that only hours ago, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years. 

What's the connection? 

For those of you who might not have seen this trilogy from the 80s or missed the buzz around October 21, 2015 last year, there is a moment in the movie where there is a flashing hologram breaking the news that the Chicago Cubs had won the World Series against Miami in a clean sweep. It's the moment that would eventually trigger Marty McFly to buy a Sports Almanac and well I'll leave you to watch the rest of the movie. 

The Cubs had been specifically chosen back by Mr Spielberg and his fellow writers back in 1988 because it had been 80 years since they had won their last World Series in 1908. In fact, apart from the last 2 seasons, the Cubs would have been easy picks for the butt of jokes and call for most unlikely team to win pretty much anything. 

Alas the joke's on the other foot now, albeit with an error rate of a year and a couple of days - expansion of Major League Baseball's playoff series into November and the New York Mets meant the Cubs would never win the World Series on October 21, 2015. But winning it around 377ish days later is still not a bad fulfillment of a prediction, especially compared to a couple of weather and economic forecasts flying around the place. 

Let's not forget a certain Mr Arsene Wenger once predicted that his Arsenal team would go unbeaten for a season. The prediction came at the start of the 2002/03 English Premier League season which saw Arsenal lose the title to Manchester United; the following season, Arsenal became the first unbeaten English champions since Preston North End - and the first and only unbeaten champions of the Premier League era.  

Indeed, the Cubs v Miami matchup of folklore would come to fruition 12 years and 7 days before Back to the Future Day. The Cubs and the Florida Marlins (now the Miami Marlins) played 7 games to decide who would play in the World Series against the Yankees. The Cubs were leading 3-0 and in control of game 6 and set to end a long drought away from the big ball when an avid Chicago Cubs fan named Steve Bartman plucked a foul ball out of the air from his team's catch - a catch that would have sealed the Cubs' first World Series in the new millenium. Miami came back to win game 6 and 7 and eventually beat the Yankees to win their first ever World Series.  

So in the end, the Doc was right. The Cubs do win the World Series again in the future - and they beat flying cars, hoverboards and power laces.

It's amazing how much our imagination predicts the future.  

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