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Manly call in Chris Cairns as Advisor

Written by Periphery

2 years ago

In the last few weeks, revelations of match-fixing have rocked the Manly Sea Eagles. The games under investigation include their losses to Parammata and South Sydney last year. 

While Manly CEO Joe Kelly has called on the NSW to speed up their investigation, he has also enlisted the help of an expert in the field - Chris Cairns. 

When asked why Cairns, Kelly said "If anyone knows how to get out of a shit show it's Chris and quite frankly we're covered in it at the moment". 

When approached for comment, Chris Cairns said he was looking forward to the challenge. "It's a different challenge, different legal settings, but I'm confident we can bluff .... I mean...  come through this with a fair judgement".  Chris confided that the Manly players had made some rookie errors. "Losing to the Eels was dumb, I mean they were f*cken woeful last year, who's meant to believe that" 

Chris continued to chat, stating that work had been hard to find following his high profile court appearance; "Except for Nigel Llong giving me a call during the NZ -AUS test series, the phone has been rather quiet" Cairns continued, "It's a shame Duco are putting on some serious fights as well, because they were a lot of fun when you knew the result".

Cairns hoped this would be a great catalyst for more work, especially with the peak of the fixing season - the Olympics - just around the corner. 



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