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Hayne fulfills childhood dream to play for Titans

Written by Periphery

2 years ago

In breaking news today, Jarryd Hayne has confirmed he will not venture into pro Kabbadi but instead return to League by way of signing with the Gold Coast Titans. 


In what seemed at first an unusual club to sign with, Hayne in fact confirmed that much like going to the Olympics and playing in the NFL, "it [playing for the Titans] was a childhood dream I had been looking to fulfil for some time".


When quizzed on how it could be a childhood dream, considering the Titans were established in 2007 after Hayne had already made his NRL debut and was 19, Hayne paused in confusion. 


Recovery from his bemusement, Hayne stated that "the details matter little but for the journey God is guiding us on". 


Hayne's contract with the Titans is for a two year stint and he said he wouldn't rule out another code switch following this, though for now his focus was on delivering for Gold Coast and their fans. 


The lack of fans however might be one thing he will need to adjust to. The Titans had an average attendance of approx 11,000 compare dto the San Fransico 49ers 70,000. 


We wish Hayne all the best. 

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